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Did you make an appointment, my dear?

-----Magic!Anon Status: None----- #doctortoby , #doctoby, #doctorgift , #docuphir------ Greetings! My name is Dr. Toby Callum, I'm the head therapist in SteamValley Mental Institution. Recently, while performing an experiment, there was an accident and it backfired onto myself. The result was.. well, how would I put it.. I suppose a "second half" of myself awakened. On occasion I cannot resist its whispers in my head and I black out. The patient and faculty count has been steadily declining, I hope it's not because of whatever happens in those blackouts of mine...

Meet the Artist/Mod: ZombiFerret

Recent Developments: Doctor "Once-ler" has been de-oncelerized, however he does remember everyone he's met, so no worries. He's just not technically a 'once-ler' anymore.
Dec 1 '12
"I’m back, my dears~"

"I’m back, my dears~"

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