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Did you make an appointment, my dear?

-----Magic!Anon Status: None----- #doctortoby , #doctoby, #doctorgift , #docuphir------ Greetings! My name is Dr. Toby Callum, I'm the head therapist in SteamValley Mental Institution. Recently, while performing an experiment, there was an accident and it backfired onto myself. The result was.. well, how would I put it.. I suppose a "second half" of myself awakened. On occasion I cannot resist its whispers in my head and I black out. The patient and faculty count has been steadily declining, I hope it's not because of whatever happens in those blackouts of mine...

Meet the Artist/Mod: ZombiFerret

Recent Developments: Doctor "Once-ler" has been de-oncelerized, however he does remember everyone he's met, so no worries. He's just not technically a 'once-ler' anymore.
Apr 29 '13

((Yeah, I highly doubt I’ll be returning to this blog any time soon.))

Apr 18 '13

((why do i have the urge to draw toby super drunk and flirty? 8I ))

Apr 10 '13

radioactiveheadphones replied to your post: ((Well, since everyone left, I suppose I’ll just…

-hugs- Don’t feel bad, at least you’ve got more free-time on your hands.

((I actually don’t have any free time, really, lol. It’s 2AM, that’s the only free time I have. Tomorrow morning I have to go back to doing things for school and not my own work. ;;;; Oh well, at least I got a lot done in a short amount of time. ))

Apr 10 '13

coffe-ler replied to your post: ((Well, since everyone left, I suppose I’ll just…

mod: D:> im so sorry but is really late but still you are so awesome

(( Don’t worry about it! I understand, I always choose the strangest hours to do livestreams. I mean, it’s 2:30AM, I just couldn’t sleep. I suppose I can try though.

Thank you for attending anyways! <3 ))

Apr 10 '13

((Well, since everyone left, I suppose I’ll just finish drawing by myself. No one requested anything, either, I guess that’s okay. I have plenty to draw still, anyways..

Well, goodnight everyone.


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Apr 10 '13

Livestream! Free requests!


((Hey you guys, sorry for the lack of activity. But when you have multiple animation projects, storyboard, math and psychology at the same time, plus work with barely any time to really do anything for yourself, it gets kinda hard. Especially when the only times I manage to get on is when I’m feeling a bit depressed.. which I’m sure you’ve noticed… well, I wanna make that up to ya’ll.

Come visit the livestream and request whatever you want! I’ll do my best to give you great quality, while also catching up on some very, very late commissions! I can’t talk this time around, because it is late, and my sister is sleeping. I’ll be playing the Journey OST, however, in case you want to mute the stream. If you hear my typing away, I’m sorry. It is a laptop and I use it’s internal mic, I can’t help that it catches every noise I make ;;;;

Anywho, let’s have some fun~ u v u Even though it’s incredibly late, lol. ))

Apr 10 '13

imageacuddlyfriend replied to your post: “This isn’t good at all!” “DocMod can’t sleep at…




Apr 10 '13

"This isn’t good at all!"

"DocMod can’t sleep at all, she’s swamped with school work, this semester is killing her, work is killing her, she never has time to update, and yet she just wants to draw?! Oh dear, oh dear!"

"That means that she wants to do a and draw requests for everyone!!! This isn’t good, she needs to sleep but I can’t convince her otherwise!"

"What should we do?!"

Mar 25 '13

-The bakery…? You have a feeling perhaps you should go to the bakery instead.

Perhaps get a cupcake and coffee.. visit a friend or two to get your life going again..-

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Mar 25 '13